Tuesday, September 15, 2015

From Journey Well to Going the Distance - Moving Forward: Follow to Me to My New Blog

Follow me to my new blog address at Going the Distance. You'll find all of my blog posts at this new address. It was time for a change! The phrase journey well was coined the weekend before the 1st anniversary of 4/15/13 by a massage therapist I was seeing at the time. The phrase resonated deep in my soul at the time and served me well this past year and a half. Everything changes - everything should change otherwise we find ourselves in a state of stagnation. We need momentum in our lives. We need to move forward. During my meditation yesterday morning I realized that I needed to change the name of my Facebook page and the title of my blog to Going the Distance. I changed my profile and my bio on social media. We can go the distance whatever the challenge and whatever the goal. It's a great ride! Come with ..... Let's go the distance together!

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